Time for Family & Friends:

Family on yacht, family sailing, family yacht vacation

Those long, hard hours of work have paid off, and now you have a place where you can stay up-to-date with work, spend time with your family, and keep active. Having time with your family is crucial, and if your children are in their formative years, taking your family on a yacht lets you take time out to enjoy your surroundings.

A family yachting trip gives you the opportunity to be flexible in your travel, free in your movements, both on land and at sea, and you are never far from activities suited to the entire group. You have the chance to follow the sunny weather across the globe, something few people can say they are able to do. You might want to visit Southeast Asia, exploring the many thousands of scattered islands; sail to the Caribbean Sea to get a taste of Cuba, the Dominican Republic, and Puerto Rico; or head to the Mediterranean Sea, with popular yachting destinations such as Monaco, Italy and Greece.

The family might also enjoy water sports, as you will find snorkelling, clear water swimming and boarding sports are popular and easy to take part in, right alongside your yacht. If you’re wanting to step on land, try the local markets, shopping centres, historic sites and cuisine of whichever exotic destination you choose to visit, or all of them, if you’re following the warm weather and travelling the globe. It gives your friends, family and yourself the opportunity to see the world like no one else.

Time for Work:

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It might not seem like the first thing that comes to mind when deciding whether to take a yachting holiday, but realistically, you might need to keep up-to-date with your work back home, especially if you’re travelling the world.

A yachting trip gives you the chance to make sure your business is running smoothly, and with the application of secure and faster networks, it’s never been easier. Our yacht internet and connectivity partners, Adamson Middleton Marine Technology, offer hosted servers, meaning you can stay connected even if you’re in the most remote locations.

To get some work done, you need a space to concentrate, but why should you sacrifice the comfort of ocean travel? Luckily, design and architecture have become important trends for luxury yacht travel, so there are plenty of expert designers out there ready to create the perfect working space on your yacht. Think about a sleek and modern looking office, which might overlook the sea or face the beaches, or you might want a classic study, with dim lights, banker lamps and dark wood. Depending on your preferences, an indoor working space might not suit you, after all, you’re travelling the seas so get outside and see them. Sit on the top deck or around the outdoor family dining table, and with the right connectivity solution, you’ll be able to connect to anyone from anywhere.

Time to Learn:

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We've heard it said that people should spend at least five hours per week learning, and we can see why, because the most successful entrepreneurs commit so much time to learning. Taking your yacht across the seas gives you the opportunity to mix up your schedule, so you’re not tied to a typical working day, or a typical rest day.

Visiting exotic destinations, exploring foreign markets, small towns, big cities, historic sites, and famous beaches will broaden your mind, because you’re lucky to have new locations at your fingertips almost every day.

Let’s say you pull into the Port of Kingston in Jamaica, once the commercial capital and now famous for its history and stunning weather. From here, you can venture into Kingston, explore the local markets and take in some of Jamaican cuisine. Trying local cuisines can help you explore different cultures and broaden your experience of the world, so learning doesn’t just mean taking out a book and adding to your commercial knowledge. However, you’re also in the perfect situation to pick up additional knowledge. Read that book you might have wanted to read but didn’t find the time for, whether it’s something that adds to your commercial abilities or something that might benefit your relaxation.

Time to Stay Healthy:

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You hire a crew to make sure your yacht is in good condition, so you’re not there to man the decks, but you have the opportunity to stay active, get fit and maintain a healthy lifestyle. We might all want to indulge, and it doesn’t mean you can’t, but perhaps take the chance to clear your mind, feel regenerated, and take advantage of your spacious yacht to look after yourself.

Not every yacht owner wants the space to take in some exercise, but if you enjoy cleansing your body, your yacht can be the ideal location. With water sports, yacht toys and accessories like jet skis at your front door, and private spaces, you have the perfect spot to maintain a healthy lifestyle. With an on board gym, yoga studio or general exercise space, it gives you the opportunity to get some, perhaps much needed, exercise and sense of serenity. Gyms and yoga studios on board a yacht provide the ultimate level of privacy; with facilities available only to you, your friends, and your family, so you can head below deck to spend some time concentrating on your health and clearing your mind. Alternatively, if you prefer the fresh air, use the open space above deck to break a sweat, or just meditate while catching some sun. Time taking up yoga will prove beneficial to your mental health and relaxation, as well as your physical health, and it might result in a better form of relaxation, especially above deck with the sea breeze and sun against your back. Remember, you may be dining under some of the world’s greatest chefs, so take the opportunity to indulge, when necessary, but also try healthy eating and local delicacies during your travels.

Time to Relax:

Yacht pool, women on yacht, woman in yacht pool

Luxury yacht travel isn’t all about water sports, adventure activities and being active, because ideally, it gives you the time and space to truly relax. Take the opportunity to have some quiet time away from checking your emails, receiving calls and looking after the children, because you’re in the perfect place to take a well-deserved break.

Perhaps the most important aspect of a yachting holiday, having time to relax is easy when everything you need is mere steps away, with a crew there to make sure you’re cared for and catered to. Without neighbours, a yacht provides the ultimate private space for relaxing on board, and if your idea of relaxation means spending time reading, exercising or sunbathing, everything is at your fingertips. Lounging in the sun might not always be your idea of relaxation, so when the evening comes, you might want to find a relaxing space to hide away. On board entertainment rooms, such as cinemas, give you a great spot to hide away after a long day sunbathing on a spacious deck. Adamson Middleton Marine Technology provides connectivity to international entertainment channels, so you can stay connected while you travel. On board facilities provide the ideal spot to enjoy the sunset, such as an on board pool.

Fine dining on board lets you enjoy the evening indoors or outside, depending on the evening breeze, but nonetheless, time to relax with friends and family. Activities don’t have to be as strenuous as paddle-boarding, jet skiing or taking out a speed boat, because alternatively, to stay relaxed, you have the opportunity to fish on open waters, or take guests on a kayaking trip alongside your yacht.